Spanning from title sequences to global TVCs, and everything in between. Lately, we’ve worked with clients including Syfy, HBO, Nike, the World Economic Forum, SBS, and more.


Igniting imaginations with the friendliest new cryptocurrency on the market.

Amid a broken financial system, precious metal experts Melbourne Mint have created Meld: a gold-backed digital currency that’s safe, stable and fit for everyone – from seasoned investors to crypto-curious first-timers. To help tell the captivating story of gold’s move from the old world into the digital space, we created a bite-sized educational storytelling piece – an ideal format to serve as both an investor video for potential partners, and an accessible explainer video for online platforms.

We also designed and animated an illustration suite for use throughout Meld’s future assets, and any new digital platforms that Melbourne Mint may create for Meld along the way – both amplifying the clarity of their communication, and adding touches of delight that set them apart from the rest.

The Expanse

When Syfy tells you they’re turning the much-loved book series The Expanse into a television show, you jump at the chance to be involved.

As humankind’s impact on the world and beyond is the core premise of Expanse, we created fast-paced time-lapses of starscapes and long cityscape exposures to show that Earth is not the only home we now know. To finish the title’s journey through space, we designed a modern sci-fi logo that’s clean and simple, and inspired by star trails. The end result is an opening sequence that’s futuristic, a little bit dystopian and very space-licious.

If you’re interested in how we created the titles, check out our process journal.

Myriad 2018 Opener

Myriad brings the world’s brightest minds to Brisbane.

Myriad exists fundamentally to help people experience innovation and emerging opportunity: to brand this experience through motion, we brought together contrasting imagery set in the ocean that links us all, illustrating the fertile and multifaceted world of potential between the technological and the organic.


An ident for the world’s most popular breakfast lecture series.

CreativeMornings (CM) is a global lecture series that was started by the formidable Tina Roth Eisenberg in New York in 2008. A free monthly event held in cities around the world, CM exposes anyone who’s interested to creatives in their community. It’s a fantastic initiative and when Brisbane’s host asked us to create an ident fit for our beautiful hometown, we were thrilled to give back to the community we hold so dear. At Breeder, our favourite part of the day is when the sun comes up and the light seeps in, creating shapes in the darkness. We wanted to explore this phenomena and how it could work in an isometric, minimalistic style. The end result is a set of time-lapsed vignettes of the city waking up.

Fun fact: We’ve hidden a few of our favourite artists throughout the piece, see if you can guess who’s sitting amongst the morning routine.

Australian Open

Don’t miss a second

The Australian Open is one of the most respected and intimate tournaments in the world – few events deliver so much energy, heartbreak and triumph. Breeder was invited by Landor to help serve up a TVC promoting the Grand Slam, and boy, did we have fun on court. The end result is an energetic, fast-paced piece that captures the intensity of this brilliant sport – reminding fans what they can expect from the upcoming tournament.

Foot Locker

Seven pairs of shoes, two robots and one bucket of paint.

Seven of the most popular sneakers ever made now come in a brand-new colourway and they’re only available at Foot Locker – to celebrate the bangin’ gold trim, Breeder were asked to throw paint on some of the freshest kicks around. The cherry on top of the wonderfully messy sundae was we got to rub shoulders with Fred and Barney, AKA two of the speediest robots in Australia. The end result is nothing but slow motion goodness, with major Jerry Seinfeld vibes. Bow chicka wow wow.

Speak to us of Love

To pay homage to one of our favourite texts, we drew a parallel between love and water – two of life’s essentials.

Each year we endeavour to do an internal project that’s just for us, and this time around it all began when we read ‘The Prophet’ – a book of poems by Kahlil Gibran. In it, Gibran devotes each chapter to an important life event or theme, and his chapter on love was so moving we decided to put his beautiful words into motion. In the poem, Gibran writes about the many different types of love that exist, so we created a visual parallel between love and water. Just as we can’t live without love, we can’t survive without water – both are essential, eternal and all-consuming.

We knew we wanted to bring this story to life in 2D, and so we started storyboarding and designing directly in After Effects – a twist on our usual process. This meant we ended up animating in tandem with designing instead of designing and creating assets in Illustrator. As a result, our short film developed organically. It’s a testament to how well the Breeder team works together, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.

Analogue/Digital 2013

Once again, we were asked to create A/D’s opening titles, so we pushed the theme of binary and created double exposures in motion.

Analogue/Digital was bigger than ever this year – expanding over two days, moving from the Gold Coast to Brisbane and completely selling out. With 18 speakers from around the world, including photographer Dan Milnor, artists Askew and Skount, our very own Ben Johnston from Josephmark and more – both days were brimming with creative talent.

Breeder was invited back to create the opening titles, so once again, we threw ourselves into the project and didn’t hold back. This year, we developed an ambitious aesthetic based upon the idea of double exposure, inspired by Alabaster’s amazing track and the conference’s program design. We worked around the theme of binary, juxtaposing the urban sprawl and nature, black and white, flight and fall, and unification and disintegration. It was a labour of love and we couldn’t be prouder with the end result.

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